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The always controversial and outspoken Larry David claims when dining out a duo should never order the same dish.

Since I regularly post restaurant reviews I must wholeheartedly agree.

Sampling a number of dishes is important for a review so I choose to share and order a plethora of items.

Dining with others, beyond my husband and daughter, presents its own share of issues.

It is always my responsibility to make the reservation and the end result places the onus on me as I erroneously feel a huge sense of responsibility for everyone liking the food and destination.

Sharing is usually not on the table. People are territorial.

I share with family, especially my husband.

This was not always the way. When we first started dating he thought sharing was abhorrent. I broke him of those beliefs.

There are times when a meat selection would be fun to sample, but I love experiencing different items and the pescatarian route is ultimately, healthier.

At times I enjoy conversation with others, but it often brings back all the hundreds of work meals with journalists and notable personalities and how I had to play Barbara Walters and exhaustedly carry the conversation.

Selfishly, I want to relax and savor the bounty without assuming the role of moderator as personality is not perpetually on the menu.

Back on point, the results are in from a casual poll and it turns out that a majority prefer sharing food and sampling a variety of dishes, especially at a new restaurant.

Tomorrow’s restaurant review is another multilayered  sharing moment.

 Mangia Mang 🍽️

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