Saturday was a great day.

I think I had forgotten how to feel totally relaxed and unencumbered over the past chaotic and harrowing 6 months.

A gorgeous day at the beach with a good book will calm your soul.

Even enjoyed the engaging film, King of Staten Island, based on the life of Pete Davidson of SNL fame,

The cast including Marisa Tomei and Judd Apatow’s (he directed) daughter, Maude, were outstanding.

I also refused to watch TV news this weekend or read The NY Times and the myriad of online publications that I consume daily.

I was feeling hopeful after the DNC, but the RNC knocked me for a loop when I realized the gullibility of some  American voters.

Trump created this hellish environment and the Master of Deflection blames Biden for all our woes as if Biden were president and not this tyrannical, lying, fat, tainted human excrement.

At least, I had one carefree day in Coronaville.

Hoping there are more lurking around the corner and will be unmasked presently.

And a shout out to my dad who cancelled his NY Times subscription 24 years ago today…Courtny sure misses her poppie and as football season approaches all those stellar bonding memories come flooding back.

Courtny with Nonnie & Poppie

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