Sentimental Journey…

Took a road trip yesterday.

I only traveled one hour north of NYC.

The point was to visit with my parents who are permanently rooted in a bucolic setting in Connecticut.

Being a neatness freak I took along a few implements to make sure their resting place was tidy.

Fortunately, they are well taken care of.

Unloaded on Queen E…felt a sense of relief telling her all the issues I am dealing with now.

Queen E. has always been a good listener and her aura provided a calming effect.

After that I avoided driving by my former homestead and made a pit stop at Trader Joe’s for sustenance.

My heart was full as was my SUV.

Some journeys are just so worth it…food for thought.


  1. Understand……I take scissors to cut grass if need be….flowers of the season up to Charlie. Hard to get to my parents unfortunately… time you happen to go please let your Mom know that I am still teaching…crazy huh!?

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