Screw Acting Your Age…

Proudly and unselfconsciously fly your freak flag.

That is the takeaway I culled after witnessing the beyond talented actor, Alan Cumming, in his one-man show, “Alan Cumming Is Not Acting His Age,” Saturday night in Boca Raton at the Studio at Mizner Park.

Known for his Tony Award winning role in Cabaret on Broadway, his unforgettable part as Eli Gold in, The Good Wife and a plethora of outstanding movies, Cumming tackled aging head on.

We need to embrace getting older, especially in youth obsessed America.

Seriously, what’s the alternative?!

It’s fabulous to age gracefully and remember it’s better to look good than feel good, but we do not need to resort to extreme Housewives plastic surgery measures.

It was interesting to see how his thoughts landed as it was a decidedly more mature audience with much evidence of injections and lifts.

I guess if you can’t laugh at yourself or at least attempt to despite all the Botox and lip injections then why amble forward.

The charming and endearing Scotsman, who interspersed his philosophy and life experiences in between songs, believes you can be a grownup and do grownup things, but still be curious and youthful in your outlook at life…I say Amen to that.

I fight against other people’s ideas of acting age appropriate.

I often evaluate a room and think, Holy Crap, these people are my age. Where did their joie de vivre go and why capri pants and unsupportive bras, rampant bed head and huge man bellies?!!

I love swimming upstream. I’m always thinking along the same lines as Cumming, I’m going to do what I want, I’m going to do what I like.

My internal soundtrack is on a continuous loop of, I Wanna Be Me.

Cumming left us with some great wisdom.

Always enter a room laughing…even if you are alone.

That’s my second act.

Sidebar…a huge shout out to my daughter for the hook up. I love the role reversal as I have spent decades bestowing others with tickets. It is lovely to be on the receiving end so thank you to my fabulous, beyond talented daughter and a huge thank you to the amazing Alan Cumming who so generously gifted me with House seats.

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