Sadly, This Is 2020…

We are only 14 days into 2020.

Other then the stock market nothing appears to be trending upward.

Cory Booker just dropped out of the presidential race. Sadly, money is always the driving force in elections.

We are most likely looking at another presidency without the insight, diplomacy and multi-tasking ability of a female president.

The obese orange mass in the White House just released this bit of socially conscious news…he announced proposals to drastically narrow the scope of a law governing environmental reviews of America’s infrastructure, as a way to hasten the construction of everything from bridges to pipelines.

The proposals are likely the biggest changes to the  the National Environmental Policy Act in its 50-year history and could implicitly exclude climate change from consideration.

The 2020 Super Bowl entertainment is JLo and Shakira who I loved in the 90’s…so representative of a football loving audience. Will next year’s Super Bowl feature K-Pop and Ariana Grande?!

Nearly 950 earthquakes and aftershocks have hit Puerto Rico in the New Year, leaving 2,000 people in shelters, nearly a million without power and hundreds of thousands without water. Puerto Rico is still waiting on billions in federal funds from the $91 billion promised in 2017 when Hurricane Irma and Maria hit the island.

The last two World Series champions were just severely fined for cheating…say it ain’t so, Joe.

The United States was on the verge of war one week into the New Year.

Iran shot down a commercial jet.

A CEO was smuggled out of Japan in a box meant for a musical instrument aboard a private jet to avoid a criminal trial.

The royal family is under attack and Harry and Meghan want to be financially independent…that’s a  royally enriching joke.

Gwyneth Paltrow is selling a candle that smells like her vagina…lord have mercy and how do we know  that’s true?!

Unbelievably, at $75 a candle it sold out during its initial run…what’s next, a two-pack of Gwyneth’s Vagina and Summer’s Eve?!

2020 already has a hideous viral menswear trend…it’s the bolo tie and Prada is leading the way producing the unattractive, unconventional  neckwear…don’t let anyone ever tell you ties are not  sexy.

Australian is on fire and animals are perishing by the thousands.

Melania’s hair color has changed yet again in an attempt to deflect from the continual surgical facial tweaking. Is their now evidence of Slovenian and Asian ancestry?

Cats the movie bombed…Memories of more purrfect productions.

Joe and Teresa Giudice of table tossing Housewives of New Jersey fame have split up. Reality rears its ugly head as the intellectually depleted couple have let prison and tax evasion tear apart their beautiful union…I am emotionally destroyed by this declaration.

And, because of the racist, anti-Semitic president, hatred is pervasive and anti-semitism is at an all-time high. Not since the rise of Nazi Germany has this ugliness been so freely exposed.

Come on people, let’s trend positive, spreading love, respect and kindness, turning 2020 around before it’s too late.

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  1. So well written and so sad.

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