Sad (and fed up)…

Hello…any solid good news out there?

I am feeling sad and anxious.

I wake up every day on edge as if I have my SAT test today and I did not participate in the review course.

There is so little positive to cling to.

It is a universal problem, but I still feel isolated.

The Icelandic government is promoting going outside and screaming….can’t go out in America and scream because we must wear a mask!

I miss having a purpose, something to look forward to.

Sure, I just signed up for MLB Extra Innings so I can watch my NY Yankees, but no crowd participation, no music or home run encore hat tip, no “Can a beer, here” echoing throughout the stadium.

Selfishly, I miss theatre, the ability to casually go out without fear and trepidation, travel, seeing a movie, visiting a museum, sports, restaurant dining, smiling, space to wander without freaking out at moronic, maskless people who do not physically distance or give a damn about anyone, but themselves.

Impinging on their constitutional rights…I call bullshit!

I am sad for myself, for America, for the deteriorating planet especially the animals.

I just read that all but a few polar bears in the Arctic will likely be gone by the end of the century unless measures are taken to reduce the production of greenhouse gases that cause global warming.

The bears’ habitat of sea ice is predicted to decline to such an extent that the animals will be deprived of food.

I am sick to death of mean, selfish, violent people.

Why are so many good people dying and scum like trump, DeSantis, Ivanka, Jared and McConnell are just breezing along, high on power and wads of money in their pockets while good people are experiencing so much sadness and tragedy.

We all need a break, a vaccine, a new president.

I am aiming for an actual hug from my daughter, the soothing love of a doggie or any expression of good news.




  1. Ellie lupo says:

    💜I feel as you sits hard on our souls.

    • I know. It is difficult to remain sunny and positive…dark times. Hopefully, things will improve in 100 days!

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