Rule Breakers…

I am amazed that humanity functions at all.

I sat on a bench for about 90 minutes in Central Park yesterday and witnessed chaos.

It was a perfect day, almost 80 degrees, no humidity, a slight breeze.

A day to be happy just to be alive.

Sadly, misery was as prevalent as unattended dog poop.

There are specific rules pertaining to Central Park clearly posted throughout Central Park.

No smoking, morons. The green stuff is flammable and trees are vulnerable so no lighted materials, thank you very much.

When a mother with a toddler asked a twenty-something to put out his cigarette while he was simultaneously hitting line drives with his 9 iron and puffing away in a crowded Sheep Meadow he lost his mind, screaming and threatening her.

She grabbed her child and walked away while he put on a verbal shit show along with almost hitting someone in the head with a golf ball.

Then there are all the bikers who ignore the red traffic lights and nearly wipe out pedestrians…people have literally died in the Park after being hit by speeding bikers.

What about the idiot who rode his motorcycle through Sheep Meadow yesterday…dogs aren’t even allowed on the grass.

Then there are all the dog owners who let their dogs off leash all day long even though Central Park is generous enough to allow dogs off leash from 9pm to 9am daily. It makes it very difficult for those who obey the rules to contain their dogs.

And one of my favorites are the cyclists who ride across the Park and on the crowded sidewalks with total disregard for fellow humans. You  are only permitted on the circular drive from 59th to 110th Street.

Translation: bike around Central Park not through. Signs are posted on every horizontal walkway to dismount and walk your bike!

The above mentioned offenders are never wrong and their vocabulary is quite colorful, often focusing on the letter F.

Well, most of us survived another day, but I find the lawless situation in Central Park comparable to the self involved anti-vaxxers who are always screaming about freedom and rights and yet the all about me pervasive attitude drowns out everyone else.

Enjoy the Park😎

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