Royalty On Broadway…

I floated above the action for 140 glorious minutes.

I sat in rarified space during the sublime production of the Broadway play, Farenelli and the King.

The outstanding cast is led by the supremely talented Oscar winner and Broadway star, Mark Rylance.

The premise of Farinelli and the King (grandson of Louis XIV) is based on the true story of Philippe V of Spain, the 18th-century king who suffered from depression.

His erratic behavior was apparently held at bay by performances by the famous castrato Farinelli, who gave up a celebrated career performing in Europe’s opera houses to be a court musician for the king.

Farinelli is written by Rylance’s accomplished wife, Claire van Kampen, who is also the composer and director.

The event was heightened by the unique experience of sitting in seats suspended above the stage.

It felt as if I was part of the production which was richly enhanced by outstanding staging, lush period costumes and fantastic footware that mimicked Louboutins, even displaying the trademark red soles.

The ingenious way they wove opera singing into the plot greatly enriched the show and totally submerged the audience into the action.

Rylance personally captivated the audience by breaking the fourth wall.

Farinelli is an enchanting fairy tale.

If you can score a $32 seat on stage, grab it.

The price of the ticket is appealing, but the play is the big draw.

Farinelli and the King Belasco Theater 111 W. 44th St. New York City. Runs through March 25th, 2018.




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