Interesting how you fall into a routine wherever you are nesting.

In Florida I am usually up by 5am, I make a pot of coffee…no Nespresso which I live for in New York City.

I savor my early morning beverage on the patio.

The view of the golf course is enticing…I admire the ever changing silhouette of the the palm trees as the sun rises and alters their appearance.

Around 7:30am I head to the beach with my husband and doggie in tow for our morning constitutional.

Obviously, the view differs greatly from Central Park.

When the sun sets we swim our laps.

Parting is such sweet sorrow as the routine offers a plethora of rewarding vistas, lots of indoor space and unencumbered physical outdoor activity.

During the Florida renovations I unearthed the original floor plans and purchase date. The property has been in the family for 42 years…time sure flies by.

I can actually feel Queen E’s presence, especially in the early morning hours when my mom was the one up before the crack of dawn, silently moving through the kitchen, brewing the coffee and then bringing the nectar to me after I assumed by usual morning spot on the patio to watch the sun come up.💜

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