Roughing The Passer…

Sexism is alive and thriving.

I have faced it all my life. No crying allowed. It’s just a cold hard fact.

I see it all the time and throw misogyny into the mix and voila, you have 2 treats in one.

I love sports and actually have a huge range of knowledge.

Males frequently challenge me and lose.

I along with millions have followed the Taylor Swift/Trevis Kelce romance.

I find it hysterical when people claim that Taylor made Travis famous.

Beyond Rob Gronkowski and Tony Gonzalez (whose baby momma is the notorious Lauren Sanchez, Jeff Bezos’ financee) notable tight ends include Jason Witten, Shannon Sharpe, Mark Bavaro, Mike Ditka, Antonio Gates, Greg Olsen, Ozzie Newsome, John Mackey BUT, be aware, Travis Kelce definitely slides right into the top 5.

Kelce has won two Super Bowls with the Kansas City Chiefs, catching a touchdown in each, has earned eight Pro Bowl selections, has hosted Saturday Night Live and helms a popular podcast with his brother who is also an NFL all-star.

Personally, I love that Tay Tay is drawing females to the game. I am thrilled that it is a bonding exercise between fathers and daughters as that was my special time with my dad.

This conspiracy theory manufactured by the right wing extremists surrounding Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce and the notion that they are not a couple and are only linked together to encourage people to vote for Biden is laughable and only believable for ignorant FOX News addicts.

Taylor Swift averages a mere 25 seconds of airtime during the course of a 3 hour football game.

Have you ever watched a televised NY Knick basketball game and seen how many times they show Spike Lee, what about Jack Nicholson’s slovenly appearance when he used to attend every Los Angeles Lakers home game. At the U.S. Open they show celebrities constantly during changeovers in a tennis match.

I didn’t hear anyone complain that Eminem was shown multiple times during the recent Detroit Lions playoff run.

Come on…It is only because she is a woman and, God forbid, a concerned human which appropriately translates into voting democratic, that has sparked a wave of social media vitriol from what I assume land at the stinky feet of lonely, weird males who probably live in their mother’s basement.

It’s only football and even though I am a HUGE football fan I enjoy seeing Taylor cheer for her man.

My thoughts wander to the lasting power of her smudgeless red lipstick, where did she buy her boots and the fact that she has singlehandedly brought back into fashion the pleated miniskirt.

You go, girl and by the way Travis is a savvy, hot hunk of man with a magnetic personality

Listen, I would have happily welcomed him into my world if I was in my 20s and single.🔥


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