Root Of The Matter…

After 40 years together we are still introducing new things into our marriage.

This act proved to be a real turn on.

My husband rose to the occasion and performed single process hair coloring on my neglected follicles.

David literally can do everything, but I was concerned this moment in time had great potential to turn into a screaming match filled with accusations…“you are doing it wrong, don’t you know what a 1/4 inch separation is, color the root only, don’t splatter.”

This turned out to be better than sex as we both were completely satisfied with the results.

BTW, during our post salon talk, my husband’s summation on our new normal experience was, “Whatever it costs to do your hair, pay them.”

I guess it is one and done for him no matter the level of satisfaction.

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  1. Lol ! I shared it with my special in place companion. Lol together!!!!

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