Romano Woos…


Our first night in Tel Aviv friends invited us to dinner.
Natasha texted the entrance to the restaurant.

Romano Restaurant Entrance

All I could think was “What is behind the graffiti door?

A culinary treat awaited us in the south end of Tel Aviv.

We entered the rundown courtyard to find hordes of millennials dining in a former retail center, the pervasive aroma of pizza filled the gritty space.

We were instructed to ascend the staircase at the end.

We entered the balcony area and then the small enclosed indoor dining area, brimming with sounds from the resident DJ.

The food at Romano’s, which opened three years ago, was pure, simple and amazing.

I first introduced you to the chef Eyal Shani when he opened the highly successful Miznon in the Chelsea food market.

Romano is upscale from Miznon, but at the heart of all his restaurants is fresh, quality food

We started our first day in Israel with a lovely Shiraz from the winery originally located in Natasha’s home region in the West Bank of Gaza.

Bag of Greens

We kicked things off with an ultra fresh Paper Bag filled with Greens.

Beet Carpaccio

Next on the hit parade was charred Beetroot Carpaccio with creme fraiche and horseradish. The char on the beets addded so much flavor.

The Romano fries were outstanding, perfectly prepared and maybe the best I have ever eaten.

The crispy Fish Salad was flavorful and unique.

The Seared Octopus on burning Aliance potato with aioli was fabulous.


I am not a huge fan of Tiramisu, but this version was incredible.

By 10 pm Romano’s was rockin’ with dozens of patrons anxiously waiting dinner.

There is a delectable array of fresh seasonal veggies, fish and seafood on the ever changing menu.

Romano is a standout.

Thanks to Natasha and Yohai for turning us onto this fabulous place.


Romano 9 Jaffa Road Tel Aviv, Israel.  Open 6pm-3am nightly.  Reservations suggested.


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