Rolling In Dough & Diamonds…

I baked bread yesterday.

Are bakeries essential businesses because I’m think it’s one and done for me.

Although, when I step back and shake off the fancy flour from France, I must admit to experiencing an amazing sense of accomplishment.

I was able to make it through kneading, punching, rolling and lord have mercy, 2 risings.

I have never experienced such a massive clean up.

The yeasty dough residue clinging to my fingers was like being slimed on Nickelodeon.

Pressure…I had to make spur of the moments decisions…I purchased instant yeast and the recipe called for dry yeast.

Who knew?!

I am used to cooking with a pinch of this and a handful of that…not accustomed to precision.

I must admit I did not have to do arms last night. I was pretty sore from the kneading and punching.

The bread is delicious, but I think I will leave the process to others.

While I fortunately have a place to shelter, bread on the table and food in the refrigerator, 26 million Americans have filed for unemployment and many cannot pay their rent or afford groceries.

The richie riches are not finding the same fate while bored and sequestered in their castles.

I cannot believe that the upper crust, who are rolling in their own bread, are bingeing on diamonds to make themselves feel better and are looking forward to airing them out post quarantine.

Auction houses are reporting big profits.

What a country.

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