Rockin’ Lobster Run…

I was finally brave enough to dine outside.

Broad Street Oyster Co. in Malibu has been calling to me.

What New England gal could turn her back on a potentially divine Lobster Roll?!

My Coronaville roommate and I headed over around 6pm and there were only four people socially distanced ahead of us in line.

We  made our selections and waited about 15 minutes for my name to be called.

Broad Street Oyster has an appealing wine and beer list so we ordered a palate pleasing Societe beer brewed in San Diego and hung by the picnic table with a serene view of the Malibu mountains and the crowded Tesla charging stations.

We started with a 1/2 dozen fresh oysters (3 briny and 3 sweet) that were cold and delicious served with mignonette sauce and fresh horseradish (1/2 dozen $19).

The Lobster Bisque was creamy with a delightful hint of brandy and a large piece of fresh lobster meat resting on the bottom waiting to satisfy  ($6).

The Sea Urchin (Uni) Spaghetti was tantalizing and ample, but if you do not enjoy extreme spice I advise that you order the dish without the Aleppo spice.

The restaurant whips up the Japanese Uni butter in-house made with the good stuff…Santa Barbara Uni, enhanced with lemon and chives. The accompanying toasted bread was excellent ($26).

The Lobster Roll ($22) was stuffed with tantalizing lobster meat and for an additional $14 you can order more lobster as well (we did not) or a side of uni ($12) and caviar ($15).

We chose the warm version which is lobster served in its most natural state…naked with a bit of butter. The lobster roll can also be ordered cold with mayo which is a turn off to a lobster purist.

The bread roll was uninspired so I picked out the lobster meat.

The menu has something for every appetite, including hamburgers, scallops, caviar and chips, steamers, mussels, fish tacos, etc.

We had an adorable duck couple appropriately distanced from us during the entire meal, acting just like our dogs, but begging without drooling.

Not wanting to taint Mother Nature’s children with processed food, we fed the pair lobster which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Add an outdoor dining moment to our Coronaville memory book.

Living dangerously large and hoping the best is yet to come.

Broad Street Oyster Co. 23359 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu, California. Takeout only for now. Open daily 11:30am-8pm. Socially distanced picnic tables under a tent with heaters available.

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