Rockin’ A Migraine…


28 migraines in 30 days.

What a record.

I am not boasting about the streak.

I have forsaken sugar and alcohol, but no relief.

If these headaches don’t dissipate soon I shall climb into bed with family size bags of chocolate and a case of Chardonnay and drown the pain in life’s sweet indugences.

I might as well relish the affliction.

Yesterday, I went to a pilates class with a full blown migraine and then had coffee with a darling friend.

I worked through the searing pain, strengthened my core and Karen made me almost forget during an engaging coffee klatch.

Saturday, I met friends from Northern California for 4 hours of erudite discourse while tormented.

These friends are so interesting…love that we met and instantly bonded on a long flight from Lima, Peru.

I can do just about anything while under siege.

I used to go on the road with the bands, work with the media all day, head to a 4pm soundcheck, attend a 2 hour rock concert, handle the band after the show and finally arrive at the hotel around 2-3am, having endured an 18 hour migraine run.

Maybe I should dump the prescription meds which by the way just cost me $300 for a 50 day refill and substitute smart, entertaining friends who provide lovely distractions.

Numerous specialist have told me that one of the advantages of aging is migraines are greatly reduced in pain and frequency.

I cry fraud.

Or perhaps I staved off aging my trading it for a lifetime of headaches.

As you must know, it’s better to look good than feel good.


  1. Oh no. I’m so so sorry. I wish I knew a solution. There has to be a better way!!!

  2. SO great to see you and help distract a tad from your migraine! Thank you for all your invaluable knowledge, Happy to help with possible migraines distractions anytime!😉

  3. Aging made my headaches settle in and intensify. Nothing like waiting decades for relief only to have your head pound daily. Feel better.

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