I’ve fallen and can’t find my drugs😢

Again, bad behavior is rewarded.

I am mad as hell that Kamila Valieva, the Russian figure skater who allegedly tested positive for a banned substance before the Beijing games, is allowed to compete at the Olympics.

Her excuse…she took a sip of her grandfather’s drink that had his heart medicine mixed in…lame excuse and a sip would not register.

Only somewhat believable if it was vodka and the 15 year-old Russian guzzled it.

And the ageism defense…old enough to be World Champion, but not old enough to know the difference between right and wrong. I cry, Bullshit!

This extraordinary decision has frustrated and angered many in the sport who say honest athletes are suffering unjustly because of Valieva’s presence in the competition after she failed a drug test.

Russia has a storied history of flaunting the rules.

Arbitrators rejected appeals by the International Olympic Committee, the World Anti-Doping Agency and skating’s global governing body to reinstate a provisional suspension that would have ruled Valieva out of the Olympics.

Was the decision politically motivated with the most likely prejudicial arbitrators concerned that Putin would strip off his shirt, throw a temper tantrum and then invade the Ukraine.

The American sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson, who missed the Tokyo Olympics because of a positive test for marijuana around the time of the U.S. trials, said on Twitter that she saw a racial disparity in how she and Valieva were treated.

Richardson has admitted using marijuana to cope with the stress of the trials and the death of her mother.

Marijuana does not enhance your performance except providing an extraordinary ability to ingest enormous amounts of food.

The hypocracy of the Russian athletes being caught multiple times and their asinine punishment being that they now fly the ROC nation flag (iconic five-ring Olympic banner) instead of the Russian flag…so what. Who cares.

Is their national anthem Uriah Heep’s hit, Cheat ‘n Lie?!

ROC On, cheaters.

Photo:San Francisco Chronicle

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  1. it is wrong ….so wrong

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