Rise Up, JB…

Odd bedfellows.

Never thought I would be crushin’ on a conservative Republican hawk, but John Bolton is looking pretty darn sexy today.

I can overlook the mustache as it is a quid pro quo for potentially bringing down the Orange blob.

The former National Security Adviser proved over the weekend why he’s President Donald Trump’s worst nightmare.

​Citing an unpublished manuscript of Bolton’s upcoming book, The New York Times reported that Bolton claimed Trump personally told him last year that he would withhold military aid from Ukraine until it launched a politically motivated investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden.

The revelation appears to shatter Trump’s defense in the impeachment inquiry…could this burn trump’s corrupt presidency to the ground?!

Come on Johnny, for the love of country and female adulation, rise up and speak out.

I can clearly see you hosting Saturday Night Live with musical guest Lizzo fiercely dedicating her hit song, Truth Hurts (but helps the great U. S. of A.) to you and bringing the house down.

🎼Bom bom bi dom bi dum bum bay🎼





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