Rise up…

Voter suppression.

Female suppression.

This is 2018 and you can’t keep good people down.

Minority voters are motivated.

Women are sick and tired of being sexually harassed and assaulted and taken for granted.

We are all mad as hell and we aren’t going to take it anymore.

Agent Orange wants to screw women, but never believe, back or support them.

The Kavanaughs must be suppressed.

Autocratic loving trump has women in his cabinet, but they are all paybacks for dropping big bucks on his campaign…Betsy DeVos, Linda McMahon and Elaine Chao (nepotism).

Once Humpty Trumpty is done with grabbing the pussy, women become replaceable…name calling and the lies shift into gear.

Chew on this tiny…Women will unite with the singular goal of voting out all the old white men.

Minorities will demand respect.

Votes matter.

End suppression.



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