Was yesterday a holiday?

I cooked for four frickin’ hours.

In non-Covid times and if I liked enough people I would have filled the house with lovely humans and had a food orgy.

I should be pulling in big bucks being a RHOCV…Real Housewife Of CoronaVille without the make up, Botox, rhinoplasty, money and designer clothes.

I clean, cook, organize and am a local travel agent.

I believe I am indispensable in my own mind and of course I do possess mind control power over my overworked husband.

Finnley usually follows me unabashedly.

Courtny is not as easy to control, but if I catch her in between Zoom meetings and she is completely preoccupied I can get my way.

Back to reality…lunches and dinners are prepped for most of the week, laundry done, sheets changed, vacuuming and dusting completed, dog walked, Christmas shopping and gift wrapping a thing of the past.

Now I can lay back alone, maskless, smoke a cigar, shake up an ice cold martini and watch all the afternoon football games that are now on the weekday schedule due to the NFL’s lackadaisical Covid protocol.

Imagine that football players are testing positive.

Who would have thunk it with all the screaming, spitting, barking plays, tackles with multiple men on top of you, man on man pass coverage, hours together scrimmaging, hangin’ in a confined locker room, frequent flying togetherness.

I’m shocked!

Oops, it’s almost dinner time…no more lollygagging.

A woman’s work is never done.

It’s a nightmare…typo…I mean a complete delight regressing back to the 1950s and living Donna Reed’s life as  RHOH…Donna was the first OG and lived in the fictitious town of Hilldale.

There are no new concepts.

Most of us are living reality TV without the big bucks and free lunches and dinners.


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