Repugnant Desire…

Shout out to all the single and married ladies.

Get ready to be repulsed yet curiously aroused.

A new musky men’s scent has hit the market.

The huckster is the one and only Elon Musk.

Burnt Hair allegedly sold 10,000 bottles to earn a million dollars in just a few hours.

I would think that the horrible scent of Burnt Hair would send potential love interests running like their hair was on fire, but considering the state of America and their attraction to repugnant people like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Herschel Walker, Kanye West and the Proud Boys I can only conclude that repugnance is a potential turn on.

I am assuming that the extreme right and Klu Klux Klan members are among the first run buyers as they have an erotic attraction to fire and the scent of burning appendages.

Can anyone get behind investing in my new cologne for women, Armpit Aroma…arousing, right?!

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  1. One has to wonder why the desire to produce this product existed within this person. Isn’t it enough he will soon be spreading his personal stink on twitter???

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