Republican Stinkweed…

Monday morning the Orange blob slithered out from under his Floridian stinkweed covered rock and zoomed in on “The Truth with Lisa Boothe,” a new conservative podcast.

He commented that the GOP is “stacked” as in the women he objectifies and has a “pretty deep bench” (he equates politics with sports) of potential presidential hopefuls.

Lisa Boothe is a Fox contributor so who cares, but I love the list Agent Orange submitted as the future of the Republican Party.

Drum roll please…Florida Governor Ron DeathSantis, Senator Josh Holier than thou Hawley, Cancun Cruz and unmasked Rand Paul, as well as South Dakota Governor Kristi Yard Gnome Noem and that unattractive tangle of public relations falsehoods, Arkansas gubernatorial hopeful Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Shoot me now if those douche bags (no offense to Summer’s Eve) are the future contenders for president of the United States of America.

If that political catastrophe hits this country than I am extending an invitation to everyone to visit and or live with me in Europe.

I also nearly wet my leggings when Humpty Trumpty said that Cancun Cruz was one of his besties now.

And his little Princess apparently is moving forward with a image makeover since Ivanka is not garnering the attention and open arms embrace she had expected after her offensive, ineffective grifter stint at the temporarily family occupied White House.


Fingers crossed for her self-absorbed sake that her image redo is as successful as her plastic surgery.


cartoon:the American

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