Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

I took a good long look and realized that my hair hasn’t visited my shoulders in months.

So I dusted off my latest curly hair control weapon and straightened my locks.

While spending time reflecting, I added a touch of lip gloss and swiped my lashes with mascara (they looked long!)

I made my grand entrance into the living room as the sun was rising.

Either the sun was in his eyes or my husband was truly shocked as he did a double take.

The early morning effort was obviously well worth it.

Of course, my uniform remained the same.

I was sporting my usual black V-neck Gap men’s T-shirt, Lululemon shorts and sports bra and my Nike’s.

BTW, Lululemon sports bras are up to $98.

I found a fab pack of 3 on Amazon that keep the girls perfectly in line for $28.99…you are welcome.

I did go shopping yesterday…online, of course.

Purchased 5 new black Gap T-shirts because mine are fading quickly.

My daughter thinks my workout outfits are hideous and Queen E. used to tell me I was lucky I had a husband because no man would be turned on by my workout look…thanks, mom.

Anyway, the Pretty Woman look was brief, but it’s nice to know I still  got it.😜

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  1. if I keep eating this much pasta I’ll need one of those bra.

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