Red Letter Day…


Dreams do come true.

Today is a triumphant RED LETTER day.

The insane, other worldly woman who has lived above me in New York City since our arrival almost eight years ago, is personally responsible for $150,000 worth of damage to our apartment, provided years of sleepless nights, anxiety-ridden days  and angina, has left the building.

Between my sleuthing, which included hunting down relatives and heavily motivating our lawyer, we have exterminated the annoying and destructive pest.

No more wrapping furniture in plastic. No more living in fear of being canceled by our insurance company. No more watching the ceiling for cracks appearing like others measure the changing tides.

NYC Bedroom
NYC Bedroom

I am free.

I now totally believe in miracles with a heavy assist from moi. I was relentless in my quest for justice.

Everyone can relate to the satisfaction of crossing the all consuming #1 item off the seemingly never-ending ‘To Do’ list.

I just grabbed my yellow legal pad, took a red Sharpie and ran a huge red line through ‘motivate upstairs neighbor to move’…this may be an old school approach, but bearing down on that pen and scratching out that item was way more satisfying than pressing delete on my iPhone notes.

I am now plastic tarp free in New York City and within 2 weeks of eliminating plastic entirely from my Los Angeles residency.

If I ever considered a boob job, I will also eradicate that option from my ‘To Do’ list. All plastic has forthwith been officially eliminated from my life.

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