Rectify The Situation…


With my austerity kick I am making good use of my Netflix account.

I have discovered, Rectify.

I consider myself aware of what’s happening in the world of entertainment, but Rectify got by me.

Thankfully, my TV agent daughter, rectified the situation and clued me in.

Aden Young as Daniel Holden  photo Credit: Blake Tyers
Aden Young as Daniel Holden photo Credit: Blake Tyers

The television series stars Aden Young as Daniel Holden, a man who was convicted and put on death row at the age of 18 for the rape and murder of his 16 year-old girlfriend. When new DNA evidence comes to light, Daniel is released after 19 years on death row and returns to his family in his hometown.

The series premiered on SundanceTV April 22, 2013. The third season premiered two weeks ago and has already been renewed for a fourth season. 

Season 1 and 2 comprise 16 episodes and season 3 has a total of 6 so catching up isn’t that huge of a time commitment. Rectify is worth every minute.

Critics are calling it the best show on TV. The understated Southern gothic drama is definitely one of a kind.

Rectify was created by Ray McKinnon, actor, writer, director and producer. The television show is the first original series from the Sundance channel.

Tawny played by
Adelaide Clemens as Tawney Talbot

Rectify is methodical. Plot and character development are essential and the issues carry through week after week. Nothing is ever tied up in one episode in a neat little bundle.

Married couple Teddy Jr. (Clayne Crawford) who is Daniel’s step-brother and his wife, Tawney Talbot (Adelaide Clemens) who is deeply religious and has a special bond with Daniel, are exasperating, but, intriguing characters.

Perhaps the pace reflects the southern small town of Paulie, Georgia, where things…move…slowly.

Amantha Holden played by Abigail Spencer  photo: Tina Rowden
Abigail Spencer as Amantha Holden photo: Tina Rowden

The entire cast is outstanding. I adore Amantha Holden (Abigail Spencer), Daniel’s feisty sister, who has unflaggingly believed in his innocence.

Jon Stern played by Luke Kirby
Luke Kirby as Jon Stern

Her boyfriend and Daniel’s new lawyer, Jon Stern, played by Luke Kirby and my pick for Courtny’s next boyfriend, is a complicated and caring man.

Michael O'Neill as Senator Roland Foulkes
Michael O’Neill as Senator Roland Foulkes

An evil politician rears his corrupt and ugly head. Senator Roland Foulkes (Michael O’Neill)  gives John Boehner a run for the money.

Johnny Ray Gill as Kerwin Whitman

The death row scenes are very emotional. Hasn’t everyone had nightmares about being incarcerated? They create a chilling, stifling reality…get me out of the 5 x 12′ solitary confinement cell.

Yet Daniel, despite the depravation and inhumane conditions, is able to make a true friend.

Quality acting, compelling dialogue and thought provoking drama provide a glimpse into a different America…that is what Rectify is all about.

Rectify the situation. Catch up if you have missed out.


Rectify 10pm Thursdays on the SundanceTV Channel.

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