Rechallenging My Mojo💜…

Found this quote over the weekend.

It turned my outlook around instantaneously.

I do not normally enjoy homilies or inspirational quotes.

For the most part I find them hokey and trite.

The Michelle Obama statement resonates at a time where I need to stockpile positivity.

It has been a challenging few months and I need to rejoice in what I have and not dwell on what I lost or moon over life’s roadblocks, its ups and downs.

I am fortunate to have a rock solid marriage with my absolutely fabulous husband, an amazing, loving, supportive daughter, caring friends and extraordinary doggies.

I shall awaken every day and embrace life…that is my new goal.

I was always a plucky, audacious biatch.

The time is now to rechannel my Fearless Female inner self.

Onward with positivity in my heart…anticipating good things on the horizon and no turbulence.

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