Ready To Rumble…

Stay healthy and aware for your own self-preservation.

It’s ugly out there.

Medicare has more holes in it then Swiss cheese.

Vis a vis my mother’s health issues, I have learned a lot of disturbing, discouraging facts about Medicare.

For example, make sure you break the right bones…check to see which specific fractures Medicare will cover before venturing forth.

If it wasn’t so pathetic it would be laughable.

Queen E. fractured her ankle in 3 places last week.

Bad break and not for the reasons you may empathetically think!

Having gone down a similar road last year when my mom fractured her back, I thought I was in fighting shape.

I convinced her to go to rehab because the Queen is incapable of maneuvering on her own.

On Saturday, the day, she was being discharged from the hospital, I found out from her incompetent and non-communicative case manager that her stay in rehab does not qualify under Medicare.

She is considered an “Observation Patient” not an “In Patient.”

Say what…yep, big diff.

If I send her to the same rehab facility as last year it will cost a minimum of $5000 per week out of pocket.

Next, I find out that due to her status, Medicare no longer supplies a wheelchair.

The surgeon wants her to have 5 day a week therapy, Medicare covers up to three.

Thankfully, we can afford the expenses, but it got me to thinking about all of the people whose only coverage is through Medicare and the multitude of seniors who do not have advocates.

You can not afford to fall ill in America without an advocate.

Saturday alone, I spent 7 hours on the phone righting all the wrongs and garnering information.

Sunday, by 4am PT, I was on the phone for 3 hours.

My fellow Americans, no matter your age, please line up a friend or family member who you can rely on to cover your ass.

More disheartening news, the surgeon told me that they have to send many seniors home alone with fractures because Medicare does not cover rehab or assistance.

What a country and the powers that be want to make matters worse by dissolving the Afforable Care Act…for the ill-informed Trump supporters, that is also known as Obamacare.

Stay fighting fit.

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