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This week I stepped way outside my comfort zone.

A friend of mine introduced me to Abigail. After numerous interactions, Abigail informed me about starting a new career, utilizing her natural talents as a psychic medium.

I was intrigued because other than having my palm read and tarot cards interpreted, I have never dabbled in this ancient art of practice.

I asked, what the heck does this mean?

Abigail explained that the psychic and medium act as a bridge between the two planes. As a psychic, Abigail filters information through  a combination of clairaudience (hearing voices), clairsentience (perception of what is not normally perceived), clairvoyance (ability to communicate with the dead and predict future events) and empathic pathways (being sensitive to as well as vicariously experiencing the thoughts and feelings of others without actually feeling them)…what you may recognize as the term heightened extrasensory perception or ESP.

Example of Automatic Writing...This Is Not The Work of Abigail
Example of Automatic Writing…This Is Not The Work of Abigail

As a medium, she dialogues with energies and spirits that have moved to a different place (but not too far out of reach). The only external  tools used  are a piece of paper, pen and a computer keyboard… making up the kit for Automatic Writing.

Abigail discovered that her method for channeling had an accepted name called, Automatic Writing. She kept her innate ability close to the vest, remaining connected to others, but as an adult, initially choosing a career in the arts and international fashion.

As in any art or skill there is a learning curve to trust in one’s abilities. “I had to learn how to turn the volume up or down on the world that came to me. I have and still do find ways of filtering. It is an ongoing process of interpretation of a language that is unique to each reading.”

As a child, spirits and guides were her friends and confidants. “I seemed to know about people without them telling me anything outwardly. I kept a lot of these visions to myself, though and simply lived amongst my friends. When I was twelve years old there was a shift and I went deeper into the other realms.”

The goal with her work is to invite you to explore and learn about your own path. Through the work, Abigail wants to assist and support the most positive choices possible. She will not endorse any revenge acts…too bad as I have a list of people I would love to show the door or get their due.

Abigail does a pre-read so when you make contact she is ready to roll. I must confess she was in touch with certain people in my life that there was absolutely no way she could possibly have known about.

I witnessed the phenomenon of a force taking over and feeding her hand, writing words and phrases that were emanating from a spirit. The facts were undeniable.

I can see where this form of counseling can become addictive. You can connect with passed loved ones and receive channeled guidance. You may find innovative ways of approaching goals or break patterns that do not provide inner peace.

It definitely provided me with food for thought. Why not do something entirely different and reach out to Abigail…explore your life, take a chance and immerse yourself in a completely new experience.


Readings With Abigail, Psychic Medium. Sessions may be in person, Skype, phone 646.678.3969, email: Rates: 30 minutes $65,  60 minutes $125, 90 minutes $185.


  1. Paula Lopez says:

    WOW! I didn’t expect this!!!! AND also so well and beautifully written. Thank you.


  2. Denyse Paul says:

    I met with Abigail and my mind was blown. She was accurate and I came away feeling relieved and light. She certainly is the real thing. This little waif like wonder is the keeper of a powerful gift and I am blessed and grateful that the Universe lead me to her.

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