Reach Out…

A ray of sunshine to start your day…

This is the letter 9-year-old Red Sox fan, Henry Frasca, wrote to Baltimore Orioles first baseman Chris Davis while he was experiencing one of the worst hitting slumps in MLB history.

“Dear Mr. Davis…There are two things I want you to know. First, the way you play baseball has nothing to do with how good a person you are. Also, you are incredible. You’ve played in the MLB. You’ve done it for a long time and everyone goes through a slump. Don’t give up. We’re rooting for you.”

After reading the letter, Chris Davis broke out of his extended slump with four RBIs against the Red Sox and has carried the letter around with him ever since.

Remember, the note is written by a Red Sox fan who reached out to a divisional foe.

Small gestures can have a huge impact.

Random acts of kindness shown to a stranger, friend or loved one can make a day so much richer.

To all reading this post, here’s hoping that you are batting .1000💜

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