Random Acts of Kindness…

You just never know.

I flew to Los Angeles yesterday.

I boarded early because I screwed up my ankle and am in need of a cane…I was only missing the tin cup which today I would fill with everybody Water…explanation to follow.

Anyway, the chief flight attendant, the truly fabulous Lois who has been with jetBlue for 18 years, engaged.

When the rules and regulations were recited before takeoff, Lois enthusiastically announced our 35th wedding anniversary and the entire airplane clapped for our milestone of sleeping together for all these years!

As a sign of the times, when our names were announced I thought we were being escorted off the plane for boarding early under false pretenses!

Lois also treated us to breakfast and champagne…now that is a very thoughtful random act of kindness!

Furthermore, a 27 year-old sitting next to David pumped us about how we accomplished this martial feat since his mother had him at 19 and he never knew his father…he is in his first long term (6 months!) relationship and was hungry for pointers.

During the six hours of turbulence I spelled out the ingredients that comprise our magic potion.

More random acts…while on Martha’s Vineyard we met the lovely Kimberly during sunset at the Atlantic restaurant.

Kimberly treated us to a round to celebrate our anniversary.

She was on the island promoting her new venture.


everybody Water is about life changing projects for people without access to clean water.

everybody Water is a women-owned business impacting women and girls around the world.

And, of course, the water is contained in eco-friendly packaging and recyclable with an environmentally safe sugarcane top…women think of everything.

Check out the site, everybodywater.com and their righteous mission.

Join the cause and donate to a very worthy endeavor.

After our flight, we headed to Malibu and our car broke down on the way to lunch.

Random acts of kindness were provided by the server at Cafe Habana in Malibu…we were two hungry, stranded patrons who she kept hydrated and fed  while we awaited the tow truck.

Kindness and thoughtfulness are often rewarded.

Consider being random this weekend and what the hell, try an act every day!


  1. A big shout out to that!

  2. Beth Martin says:

    Wow. Lucky you. So many lovely occurrences. The universe is conspiring to bring you joy.

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