Rainy Days and Mondays…

I have marshmallows and shish kabob skewers.

I just need a fireplace so I can toast them.

A storm is raging outside.

In a matter of minutes the streets are flooded.

Thunder and lightning are tag teaming.

I am all alone with the AC on.

The humidity is high.

That sound of rain pelting the pavement is deafening.

There are just too many weather extremes…flooding, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, violent air turbulence.

Forget the marshmallows, we need to be proactive about climate control and protecting the environment.

I’ll get off my soggy soapbox and watch season 5 of Virgin River which is on fire…coincidence or just fanning the flames of a dire climate reality?!


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  1. And behind all the craziness to keep people blind and in chaos is the government behind the government running the show.
    Greece,Spain, and many other countries add to the list
    All waiting for the mighty group of old men to decide if help is allow in
    Fires , nonstop rains, floods( in that order).
    Fires and people still waiting for help ( luckily Ohana is strong there)
    Morocco, not letting help in. Until when, the king decides? Where is he and his family? Not in Morocco.
    African countries, no rain , starvation. WHY? Same “good old boys club” deciding when they do something about Putin.
    They hold hands, they hug the expend poor people resources for a big old circus . It doesn’t work anymore. Nothing gets done, putin and the Chinese leader don’t show up. It’s laughable. It’s time to do the “Hermozo kiss kick” get rid off those old men that get nothing done . Fired them all. Now, how do we do that?

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