Rah, Rah, Rah…

“Make your own kind of music.
Even if nobody else sings along.”

There really isn’t a lot of good news seeping into our lives.

My rose-colored glasses are getting fogged up.

The news is trending negative.

Life on the streets of NYC are fraught with dangerous potholes because there are so many crackpots roaming the neighborhoods…9th Avenue is its own special hell hole.

There are wildfires, flooding, extreme heat.

I am committed to trying to see the positive and turn a blind eye to the bad, especially political manifestations and terrorists.

I am dedicated to surrounding myself with people I enjoy which means I only have enough for a semi-circle, but it’s a dynamic, loving half circle.

I have been sick for most of the summer. My clothes are big so I guess that is a positive.

The Yankees are still leading their division and have the best record in Major League Baseball and the NY Giants haven’t lost a game yet…season has not started, but we are not losing.

So join in and follow the bouncing ball to the song, Happy…Clap along if you know what happiness is to you👏🏻


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  1. Or the Joe Raposo song- Sing sing a song – sing it loud
    sing it strong! Don’t worry if is not good enough for anyone but you. Sing sing a song!

    Yes to. That!!!

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