Quiet Quitting…

It’s 4am.

I am prepping for an escape from Los Angeles.

I have been cleaning and organizing for several days.

I have a lot on my plate beyond domestic engineering duties.

I am considering texting my husband and announcing my plan for Quiet Quitting.

Let’s face it women must have considered this idea for centuries before it became a TikTok phenomenon.

Quiet Quitting, the concept being to stay on the job, but focus your time on the things you do outside of the office, has been relevant for decades. It is simply known as a disengaged employee.

A wife and mother who does not work outside the home rarely gets outside of the “office” unless she lives guilt free, has a full time nanny or successfully avoids motherhood, marriage, cooking, cleaning, scheduling, in house education instruction, homework monitoring, errand running…you get where I am going.

I guess I can never join the hip, happening and enlightened TikTokers because I could never remain in my workplace while not actively going above and beyond whether I have a job or am a full time mother and wife.

Maybe the TikTok crowd would be more efficient in life if they did not spend so much time on the self indulgent act of making predominantly inane videos and scrolling ad nauseam on social media instead of investing their time more wisely.

BTW, The term Quiet Quitting was originally coined at a Texas A&M economics symposium on diminishing ambitions in Venezuela in September 2009 by economist Mark Boldger.



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