Queen E. Rendered Powerless By Irma…

Ethel, Toby, Eunice, Syd

It was all just too good to be true.

Queen E. was managing Irma with grace and confidence.

And then she was rendered powerless.

At 5pm on Sunday the lights went out in Delray Beach.

Queen E. was on the ropes.

As I write this post, my mom is on the list for First Responders and will be transported to the hospital once the storm dies down…it could be hours as the area is being pounded with torrential rain and winds are raging at 80 mph.

We have enough portable oxygen left for  20 hours.

It is the heat that could put her down for the count.

We are keeping her cool with ice packs and hand held fans.

Assistant Manager, Anna, is Queen E.’s Florence Nightingale along with my mom’s extremely capable aide, June.

I thought are biggest problem was that my mom would not be able watch our beloved NY Giants/Dallas Cowboys Sunday Night In America football game.

Obviously, Florida is not ready for primetime football and neither were the Giants who further rained on our harrowing Sunday parade.

It will be a long 24 hours so positivity and power restoration vibes are welcome.


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