Queen E. Investing On Gettin’ High…


I received a call on Friday from our family wealth management advisor (wealth hahahaha).

We discussed a few things and then he asked if I knew that my mother, the 97 year-old Queen E., had phoned him that morning.

I replied that I had not…usually she asks me to speak with him.

What was on her mind, I inquired.

Queen E. wanted our highly capable advisor to check into her investing in an assortment of marijuana companies.

“WTF,” I remarked.

Mr. Finance told her he was not that familiar with the industry and Queen E. said that she would call him right back.

Sure enough, just moments later, Queen E. calls  our finance guru back with three companies for him to research.

I just had to call my mom and ask her the scoop on the grass.

She told me she had her connections and was told that the marijuana companies were a good investment, but she needed to be patient as the stock would take a few years to grow.

She obviously has the dope on the situation.

If I had known that my mom had her own special dealer, we could have gotten stoned together over the holidays and made it a very Merry Christmas.

Live and learn, baby.

Queen E…just staying high on life.


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  1. she is just too too much….getting in on the ground floor I guess and planning to be here in the next few years at least to reap the benefits!!!!

  2. Cathy Newman says:

    Genius!!! ??

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