Queen E. Flitted By On Her Birthday…


Queen E. still reigns.

This past weekend was her birthday.

Queen E. would have been 102 years-old.

Her special day was always a cause for celebration marked by extravagant gifts and mushy cards.

My mother loved to get dressed up and participate in a grand celebratory restaurant feast.

I know this is difficult to believe, but as with her passing, a purple butterfly was at the front door on Saturday and flitted about for most of the day.

I am totally buying into the fact that Queen E. surfaced and dropped by to mark the occasion in all her purple glory.

Being in Florida for her birthday was serendipitous therefore, I know it is undeniable.

We popped the Veuve and toasted the Queen at the front door as we watched the butterfly twirl and dance from flower to flower with the grace of a ballet dancer just like Queen E.

I take solice in the fact that my mom is always on call and within reach.

Happy Birthday💜


  1. How wonderful💜

  2. Joy Ruby says:

    Loved your mom. Sending hugs!

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