Ever notice that “occasionally” you allegedly ask the wrong question or provide an incorrect answer?

Dancing isn’t restricted to the clubs, living rooms  or on TV.

I find myself waltzing through personal conversations.

Honesty and candor are my calling card, but even if couched delicately, my words are not always warmly received.

Since many of us have a few extra moments during this rigid quarantine period I am suggesting to those near and dear to email me questions and appropriate answers to be employed during phone time, email and social media exchanges.

My mission is to spread love, peace, support and happiness during these trying times…I will adhere to this policy while sequestered in Coronaville.

I am happy to read and write with enthusiasm and devoid of sarcasm prepared Q&A to insure a happy dialogue, knowing full well that when our time together has concluded we are all in a namaste state of mind.💜

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