Pure, Unadulterated Joy…

Yesterday I took a break from Trumpmania and kept the television and newspapers at bay.

I velcroed my body into my back brace and took on New York City.

I was on the hunt for simple, unadorned, retail free happiness.

I leashed the girls and hit Central Park.

I strolled over to the Boathouse.

The Bubble Guy was out on a gorgeous Thursday morning…temperatures were already hovering around 60 degrees.

People were gathered around, both children and adults, all wanting to be bubbled.

There was pure joy and laughter.

Trump speak wasn’t bursting anyone’s bubble there.

Madison & Finnley

As I moved on I looked down at the pups, tails wagging, who seemed genuinely happy to have their mom taking them for a walk in the park on this fine day.

I engaged with numerous tourists who all had one thing in common…they were all missing their dogs.

All the people were lovely. There was no political discourse.

Later on in the day I ventured out with my husband and, seeing the lights come on around the city, placed us in a state of exultation.

Syracuse played #10 ranked Duke and beat them at the buzzer with a 3-pointer from the 3-point line by John Gillon. 30,000 plus ecstatic fans stormed the court.

I lost my mind I was so excited…unfiltered bliss, no admission fee.

Syracuse vs. Duke photo: Daily Orange

That’s the underlining beauty of being a sports fan…the unimpeded thrill of victory.

Hope everyone experiences pure, unadulterated joy at some point this weekend.

The day could not end without some politics…have a good laugh at the HUGE ass, bad ‘do and orange make up…enjoy!!





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