PuPu Platter Of Tasty Info…

No politics.

No I see dead people.

No depressing Coronaville gossip.

Just a few light and breezy recommendations.

Watch The Way I See It, a documentary focusing in on Chief White House photographer Pete Souza as he captures historic and intimate moments as a photographer for Presidents Obama and Reagan.


Souza had unprecedented access to both presidents’ administrations, documented in his books “Obama: An Intimate Portrait,” and “Shade: A Tale of Two Presidents,” in which he compares Obama to President Donald Trump and does not hold back!

The moving, funny and touching documentary was featured on MSNBC last week, but keep your eyes open for rebroadcasts…don’t miss The Way I See It.

Photo:SB Nation

Tune into the World Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and The Tampa Bay Rays, who earned the two best records in Major League Baseball this season.

The back story is worth the watch as the Rays are a team composed of young, low rent, exuberant players whose total payroll is 23.3 million compared to the Dodgers at $77.2 million.

Clayton Kershaw ($16.3 million) the Dodgers all-star pitcher and Mookie Betts ($10 million) the outstanding outfielder who joined the team from the Boston Red Sox this season, made more combined than the entire Rays roster.

Tender Greens Plates

For very good, reasonably priced takeout order up from Tender Greens with locations all over Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Orange County  and the Boston area.

If you are in the market to replenish your Covid outfits everything is 50% off at Old Navy and the quality is very good and the style is on par with the high end workout retailers.

Amazing bedsheets at an attractive price point for the quality check out Brooklinen. I just purchased linen and classic percale white sheet sets and they are awesome.

Make your own trail mix. I always feel that package trail mix is stale so I went to Trader Joe’s and bought bags of lightly salted cashews, shelled pistachios, white raisins, cranberries, dried coconut strips which I cut into small pieces and white chocolate chips. Combine. The result is fresh and delicious.

And ending on a positive note: The two candidates for Utah governor put out a joint ad calling for civility and a peaceful transition of power.

That’s a wrap.

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