Positively Positive…

So much negativity out there.

I am going to demonstrate a huge dose of Positivity.

The road at the beach in Malibu was washed out last week.

The governmental powers that be closed a large section of beach and road.

Dozens of huge rigs have deposited massive boulders onto the beach to create a barrier against future erosion.

Signs and yellow caution tape run up and down the beach.

Dozens of people go under the tape.

Dozens of people are stopped by the large police presence on the road and local sheriffs driving ATVs on the beach and still the beachgoers cross the lines.

It goes on all day long.

Police bellow and humans cross the line and ask question later.

I am Positive that between anti-vaxxers and people who cannot obey signs for their own safety are Positively beyond stupid and unnecessarily arrogant.

How’s that for being undeniably Positive?!


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