Pope For President…


I am putting together a petition for a write-in candidate for President of the United States.

I am nominating Pope Francis.

He is a man who reminds us of who we are…good people with common interests and goals.

Pope Francis is the most significant moral and spiritual leader in the world.

He is the type of candidate America loves. He came from meager beginnings and now has made it big with God being his most staunch supporter.

Isn’t Pope Francis the perfect person to lead the greatest country in the free world?

He has mass appeal.

No spin doctors manipulating his words.

He supports gun control, he knows global warming is a reality. He does not believe in nuclear war or war of any sort. He is forgiving. Helping the less fortunate is a priority. He is not driven by money and does not endorse building a “beautiful, big wall” to keep people out. He has no political party affiliation. He is only accountable to God.


He can reduce John Boehner to tears.

From the crowds that have gathered in Washington, D.C., New York City and Philadelphia it is duly noted that his  appeal is far reaching.

When the Pope speaks, humanity listens.

I know he wasn’t born in America, but if God ordains a letter of dispensation, I think we can make an exception. After all, Donald Trump swears that President Obama is not an American citizen and he was elected Commander In Chief.

Examine the advantages. George Bush needed to incur great expense to travel to his Texas ranch to sit on a rock in order to communicate with God who purportedly provided guidance on how to run the country.

With the Pope in place as President, Americans would not have to foot the bill for Air Force One in order for another president to jet off seeking advise.

The Pope has a direct line to God whether he is taking a bath, holding mass for millions, running a country or just hangin’ in the Oval Office.


Pope Francis is the real deal. An ethical human being.

Under his watch, his team will not falsify information or purchase time buys with mean spirited messages filled with lies and manipulations regarding the issues.

The Pope believes that we all should take care of one other.

What a novel concept for a President. No malice, no specific agenda…just the desire to make this country and the world a better place to live.

Pope Francis has my vote.

BTW, I am posting Sunday night because I am leaving on a jet plane very early Monday morning, destination NYC.

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