Please, Knock Me Out…


Need I say more.

I have been to so many doctors lately who comment on my pain tolerance.

After decades of daily migraines I could probably have an in office facelift without anesthesia and walk out after the procedure…something to consider and I would probably earn a bit of a discount. Plus, no anesthesiologist bill.

Anyway, I am in the throes of a 14 hour episode so I am handling Yankee losses and all the stupid Americans who are voting Republican because living ain’t easy, but their is no recession regarding democracy and women’s rights and don’t even think about placing election deniers in positions of power.

This in light of an incredibly strong, smart, beautiful Ukrainian women on TV yesterday who was well aware of Kevin McCarthy’s statement saying that if the republicans gain control of Congress he will most likely cease aid to Ukraine.

The woman said she understands that the cost of living has increased in America, but democracy should be a priority.

Financial issues are very troubling, but every day she has to deal with a dire economy and more importantly, her 5 year-old asking her on the way to school if he is going to die today.

Reality sucks.

Many of us are very fortunate to have safe havens and not to have to worry about where our next meal is coming from.

Being driven, compassionate and concerned have been the motivation to keep me in a fighting mode, attempting to combat what is happening in America.

Enjoy your weekend…hoping it’s painless.

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  1. Driven, compassionate and concerned are excellent qualities for today’s multiple challenges. Can you share a little with the rest of us.

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