Play On…

Made beautiful music yesterday.

The doctor hit all the right notes and was able to cut out all the bad stuff in the first go round.

Now I have a hole in my face, but it’s all good.

Thank you to all the lovely people who sent good thoughts.

It worked!

I was advised to immediately head home and I did. I walked a straight line, supported by my husband, through Central Park.

I always believe fresh air and being vertical are the cure all.

I arrived as a messenger was making a sweet delivery…my fabulous daughter sent an endless batch of cookies and cake…now that is a healing potion.

I really like my doctor and while he analyzed the biopsy in the lab my husband asked Siri to serenade us with Adele…I couldn’t dance, but I was rolling in the Deep (lidocaine) while horizontal for 40 minutes.

I brought out the imaginary white board.

Clapped those erasers and wiped away three huge issues.

One more hurdle.

Rock on…


  1. Terry Nicholas says:

    Fantastic news…and a testament to your courage and positivity!

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