Game Of Life…

Millennials were brought up to believe they are all winners.

I coached many of my daughter’s sports teams and at the end of the season every participant received an MVP trophy.

Frankly, it was bullshit.

Life isn’t like that.

There are winners and losers.

We all possess the potential to be outstanding, but not at everything (present company excluded😜).

Not all team players are great athletes.

This weekend, I dealt with winners and losers.

The NY Giants won their second game of the NFL season and their record is 2-2.

Not everyone on the team was outstanding.

The NY Yankees are in the MLB playoffs, but ended the season on a losing note…hoping they get it together by Friday when the first round of playoffs begin against the Minnesota Twins.

A big winner on Broadway is Mary-Louise Parker.

She is outstanding in The Sound Inside…see this compelling, smart, enticing play if you can.

Red Paper Clip is a winning new restaurant. I will fill you in on Thursday.

Win or Lose, we are all very fortunate to be active participants in the game of life.

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  1. Beth Martin says:

    Yes!!! And we dust ourselves off and keep rising to the challenge.

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