Play Ball…

I am back to my MSNBC addiction.

I can understand succumbing to Morning Joe since there isn’t a lot to do at 3am in Los Angeles once you have made coffee and perused The NY Times.

It’s the late afternoon and evening habit that has come rushing back and is difficult to tame.

There are so many horrible things happening, but I cannot look away.

Between gun violence and obscene abortion restrictions I just cannot accept that this is America.

Yesterday we witnessed the 15th mass killing in 2023.

Do not get me started on Clarence Thomas getting off  scot-free.

For a healthy distraction I have done a deep dive into the start of baseball season and my beloved Yankees.

Baseball allows me to get lost in an activity that won’t hurt anyone…well losses are personally painful.

The new pitch clock makes the game move along more quickly, there are more stolen bases due to bigger bases and we are seeing base hits again because infield shifts are illegal.

Keeping in the spirit of America’s favorite pastime there is a litany of politicians I would love to see on the Injured Reserve list.

One can hope that America will get back in the game and execute a double play.

On the agenda, send the Texas judge who wants to ban Mifepristone, a trump appointee who is a former attorney for a religious liberty legal group with a long history pushing conservative causes to the minors along with the NRA and their tainted, paid off political posse.

Come on America, play ball.

Game Stats: Mifepristone has a 0.03 to 0.04% chance of causing complications and has been safely used by millions of women for more than 20 years. Any player would die to have that as their SO average.


  1. Melissa Tufeld says:

    What a world?? What a country?? Hard to imagine that it is 2023 with the amount of racism, injustice, inequality, patriarchy, mental health concerns ( I know I left a million things out) that still exist so profoundly today .
    I feel like an idiot when I realize that these believes and tragedies didn’t just make a “comeback” but have always been here and now have finally come out of the closet for many.
    Maybe that’s the only positive (but painful) part. Now unleashed, we all have to deal with the injustice that remained out of sight for so many for so long and now we ALL have to focus on reparation.
    Time to step up to the plate.

  2. Not sure there’s enough room in the minors or injured reserve for all the politicians and judges trampling our basic rights.

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