Party Like It’s 1999…

Other than waking up and not knowing where I am sleeping (not due to binge drinking) the transition back to life in California has been seamless.

Naturally, we have hit up our favorite restaurants so now it is necessary to leave town again and commence our annual whoop it up.

Today is my last post until June arrives.

We are off to our special place in Mexico for our birthday celebrations.

I just cannot sacrifice sun, fun, guacamole and mango daiquiris for time on modern inventions, but I will miss all the Devil worshippers.

Our weekend in Los Angeles was a holiday in and of itself.

After being caught up in the 1:30am insanity of watching the royal wedding and seeing The Dress, it was early enough to take a beach stroll and stop for breakfast.

Afterward, David was thrilled to get back to the masochistic environment of Krap Magoo.

I dropped him off for his 3 hours of pleasure and headed to Bev Hills to only window shop the Big 3…Barneys, Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.

Shoe sales abounded and every Birkin carrying woman with a Rolex and plastic surgery was sniffing the racks for discounts.

After all, a Gucci shoe discounted to $995 is such a bargain.

I scurried back to pick up my husband who departed the Krav Maga class with an elbow bursa the size of the implants I had just seen in Beverly Hills.

He refused immediate treatment so off we went to Century City to catch the 2pm showing of, Book Club.

It was very enjoyable and we loved the outstanding cast of Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, Mary Steenburgen, Diane Keaton, Don Johnson, Andy Garcia and Craig T. Nelson.

The women are all that.

Bread Making at Eataly

We took in all the new sights of Century City and we did a drive by at the packed Eataly which is the size of a small city.

After a frustrating departure from the mall which they have converted into one of those corn mazes that are counter intuitive, I finally convinced my Prince to let me take him to Urgent Care.

X-rays show no major problem and so we were off to CVS for anti-inflammatory meds and an ice pack.

I gently told him he needs to be more vigilant in class as he often arrives home with black eyes, broken ribs, cuts, etc, but no dice.

The discomfort is so worth it for him…he feels whole even though he appears halfed.

We made it to a new Santa Monica restaurant for David’s birthday dinner (the celebration never ends).

The day came to a close and I told David that the royal wedding had inspired fantasies of a tiara to commemorate my birthday.

He said that he would pick one up at Party World and bring it to Mexico.

That’s not very royal of him.

Enjoy the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Breakfast on Santa Monica Beach



  1. Hahaha I hope he really did get you a tiara from Party World, if not how about a birthday sombrero?? ❤️❤️❤️ The happiest of birthdays to you both!! I hope you have the best time in Mexico! Much love and hugs from NYC 🙂

    • Thanks for our birthday greetings…so thoughtful!! Mexico is amazing!! Hope all is well with you. We miss you!

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