Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow…


Twists and turns abound.

I was single into my mid-thirties.

I was fiercely independent, not marriage material, a driven executive.

I never thought about marriage. I often had a player in my life, but no one I could foresee a long term future with.

Then I met my husband and things changed, but I still did not want to get married. The state of matrimony, in my mind, is so final.

After 41/2 years I succumbed.

My life with him has been fabulously loving, exciting and rewarding…no regrets!

When our daughter was growing up he traveled a lot for work as did I, but I was lucky enough to be able to take her on the road with me.

We spent weekdays apart and weekends, when possible, were sacred.

Fast forward to Covid and we have been joined at the hip tor several years.

Recently, he left on an extended business trip and it was disconcerting.

All of a sudden I was single in the city, no in-house early morning and late night dogwalker, no breakfast service, no convenient repairman, no warm body to cuddle and most importantly, no more resident bestie.

I am managing fine, but it is amazing how dependent you become on your partner.

This is one of my many moments when I wish I could talk to Queen E. and tell her I totally get the emptiness she was experiencing when my dad passed.

I always understood, was constantly there for her and even took my mom on a trip every month the first year after my father’s death, but it is a never ending adjustment for most.

I expect my husband to eventually return!

I am just so surprised how conjoined we are and how much richer life is with someone you really like.

I can do anything on my own, but sharing life with someone you love, respect and enjoy doing the same things with is priceless.

It is also incredibly rewarding to have a daughter to share quality time with.

Look at me…benefiting from an unanticipated learning experience.


  1. Cathy Newman says:

    Are you guys ok? I’ve read this a few times and am kind of confused. You’re not splitting, right?

    • You really think that?! David is away on a long business trip and I was relating how conjoined we are and that we haven’t been separated in so long and how one reflects on time apart!!

  2. Ellie lupo says:

    You are correct on the above………

  3. A lovely valentine!

  4. What a beautiful tribute to your wonderful husband and to marriage. You captured the joy of companionship. It isn’t the dependency some of us feared in our “youth,” but the comfort of sharing experiences together and knowing that even when alone that special person will be returning soon. Sometimes, it is simply having that kind, smart person nearby to discuss our life experiences, and to help us cope with the difficult days .

    • Well said, my friend and you pinpointed the heart of the matter. It is so wonderful to have a partner you can trust to lean on and discuss the good and the bad and it won’t come back to haunt you!
      It sounds as if we have shared partner experiences💜

  5. I have known you and David for so many years. The connection, the oneness and respect is beautiful.
    Love you both

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