Panerai Peeps…

David assumed the role of me last night.

He had a long day at the office and suggested I meet him for martinis at Taboon.

I was not dressed for the occasion having just spent quality time roving Central Park with Finnley and chasing every darn squirrel within 5 miles.

I used to love the color grey…not so much anymore.

Anyway, it’s amazing how a bit of lipstick, mascara and diamond studs can up the ante.

On the way, I cut over to 10th Avenue via 54th Street and ran into a homeless man having an aggressive, very loud conversation with himself.

Shoeless, he kept pace with me so I increased the pace and made a hard quick left on 10th Avenue.

Now, I was ready for the martini that awaited my arrival.

My handsome husband greeted me warmly.

We discussed our day and then had a NY extended minute with a fabulous couple sitting next to us at the bar.


One of the gentleman was wearing a Panerai so I already knew he would be interesting.

Turns out he is a private chef and spent a great deal of time satisfying Donna Karan.

His partner, the charming Serb, was a designer for Donna Karan and now designs for Uniglo.

We had a lively discussion about just about everything.

Loved them.

Listen peeps, this tete a tete would only happen in NYC.

I have received viable Botox referrals and stylist numbers in L.A., but never left saying to David that I loved the people we just met.

Call me prejudice, but only in New York, folks.

P.S. As we departed, I had a moment of pure insanity (maybe it was the martini) and asked my husband if should we renew our vows one day.

His pragmatic response…”Why, I haven’t broken any.”



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