Pandemic Highs & Lows…

The other day I woke up playing the part of Debbie Downer.

By days end I switched personas and assumed the role of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.

That particular morning I was hiking with my husband and hit my stride by bitching about how every day is the same…if I cook one more meal, dust one more room or watch one more depressing Breaking News  alert on MSNBC I will scream.

I proceeded to make lunch, take a spin class and mope around.

I took a shower and while reenacting the shower scene from South Pacific I was transformed, washing Debbie Downer right out of my newly colored hair.

BTW, I am calling my color Teenage Toby because after a 6 week hiatus, the first single process color did not take so to eradicate my grey roots which turned blonde, the colorist made my color dark brown.

My hair looked 16 but, unfortunately, my face did not.

Moving forward Sybil presented herself with her uplifting personality disguised as Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.

I happily read a good book on my newly tiled patio, I popped popcorn with my husband who did not, miraculously, work a 14 hour workday.

We continued our 5 season binge of the British detective show, Scott and Bailey which I highly recommend.

Each one of the 33 episode features another twisted murder, but the backstory of the dynamic detective duo is addicting…check it out on Amazon Prime.

We joyfully made amazing fresh mango daiquiris and whipped up a delicious dinner while continuing our TV watching.

I reached out for my husband’s liver spot free hand and even though it was day 103 of our quarantine, I was actually happy.

I need to channel Rebecca and life at Sunnybrook Farm more often.


  1. Just in time for the TV recommend! Thank you.

  2. Ellie lupo says:

    💜just like a happy ending story book…….😊
    Glad it was a sweet end of the day. Difficult to stay positive when
    All is going haywire around us…. Love to see the color job! I gave up and now have steel grey hair.. Keeping it. Was told to use a special shampoo which if I use to often will turn my hair a purple / blue. Well ….that’s not too bad

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