Paint It Black…

Not even a mani/pedi and chocolate can help.

The political scene in America has me seeing red…hey, just found out the Russians are coming…again.

Paint It Black is the soundtrack of my state of mind.

Wednesday night’s debate was a debacle…a middle school nightmare, including the frantically raised hands and constipated expressions.

Is it not possible for the Democratic Party to be current, move forward, not rip each other to shreds, show unity and present a cohesive, appealing plan to defeat Trump?

Agent Orange was the debate winner and there is no stopping him now as his preening is constant since his impeachment aquittal.

I must admit that I despise Bernie Sanders.

He reminds me of my Aunt Deenie’s second husband, Henry, who was a sullen son of a bitch.

All these old white guys seem to do is yell, spit and repeat themselves ad nauseam.

His ideas are not going to catch on fire with the majority of voters because they are not doable…he will never find enough support to pass universal healthcare and free college education.

They are admirable goals, but are not going to happen…baby steps.

We need a pop up candidate who will rise up in the image of Obama or Bill Clinton.

Does Brad Pitt have political aspirations?!

Get down on your knees and pray for a savior or America will cease to be the bastion of democracy.

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  1. I agree with you completely. Never did the Dem. talk about issues, but just hacked each other to death. It was a winning night for Trump. How stupid an this group be???? They must get together and think about the big picture……the country!I think Bernie should step aside and back not sure who. I am thinking the New Yorker,but not even sure about that. It was an awful niight that I ,after awhile,shut off.

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