Pain In The Neck…


Life can be a pain.

Now I know why my mom says the Golden Years suck.

Yesterday, we were up and out by 7am and walked the hand full of miles to David’s doctor so he could kick off the morning with a neck epidural.

The valium definitely made the pain more manageable.

I took him out to breakfast midtown after the procedure to try to override some of the suburban crack medication.


Between gaping holes in the ceiling in our NYC abode, water damage in Pacific Palisades, my mother’s denial of a chair lift at her Florida condo, dog surgery, nonstop migraine headaches, I need more than a massage. I need a vacation.

But, I am in NYC and I will attempt to walk and eat through all my aggressions. Throw in a good movie, a Broadway show and a NY Giant victory over the undefeated New England Patriots on Sunday and I should be able to rationalize all the problems away.

Damn pain in the neck…


  1. Toby-
    It was a pleasure meeting you (and David) last night at Landmarc. I will definitely return to this blog!

    Take care,

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